AngelSounds JPD-100S
The Original.

AngelSounds is the most popular Fetal Doppler in Germany.


  • Switch on AngelSounds Mini and put the headphones on.
  • Apply some gel to your belly and the ultrasound probe.
  • Place the probe on your belly and slowly direct it to the correct location.
  • Move the probe back and forth until you receive a good signal.
  • Plug a second pair of headphones in and share this indescribable experience with your partner, your family and friends.

Acoustic output data

A calibrated hydrophone was used underwater to measure the acoustic output of the probe.

The determined norm values represent the maximum dose during the highest intensity:

Operating mode CW-Doppler
Frequency 3,3 MHz
Intended use Detecting the fetal heart
Suitable for fetal application Yes
Control setting None
Acoustic intensity:
I* (mW/cm²) < 10 mW / cm² SPTA
Highest negative pressure < 1 Mpa
Output radiation intensity < 20 mW / cm²
PZN : 2686378

* I =spatial peak, temporal average

You can also order AngelSounds JPD100S – the original in your local pharmacy.

Please ask for this central pharmaceutical number (PZN): 2686378

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