Your baby’s heartbeat – a new life is growing.

All organs, the ears and eyes are already fully developed in the first trimester of pregnancy. The baby’s little heart starts beating at a frequency of 120-160 beats per minute.
You are able to further intensify this indescribable feeling by not just feeling the baby in your tummy but also listening to it.

With AngelSounds you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat from the 12th week of pregnancy

AngelSounds enables you to fully enjoy the connection to your baby at the early stages of pregnancy and get a better feeling for your child’s position.

Share the anticipation with your partner and your family

Use AngelSounds in familiar environment and relax completely while you listen to your baby’s beating heart. Either enjoy the sound of the throbbing heart by yourself or share the sense of pleasure with your partner and your family. You can even record the heartbeat and play it to your friends. Share the anticipation and duplicate the joy!