woman with angelsounds jpd-100s

AngelSounds JPD-100S

Relax and listen
Use AngelSounds at home in a relaxed environment and listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

Easy to use
Apply some ultrasonic gel, put on the headphones and switch AngelSounds on. All you have to do now is find the little heart.

Listen together
AngelSounds has two audio outputs so you can listen with your partner, family or friends. You can use any commercially available headphones.
Ready for use
A pair of headphones and a battery are already included, so you can get started right away.

Share joy
You can record the heartbeat, capture the memory forever and replay it to your loved ones.

You can take AngelSounds with you wherever you go. Its compact size fits in any handbag.
woman with jpd-100s
jpd-100s mit angelsoundsgel

Using AngelSounds

Using AngelSounds is very easy:

• Switch on AngelSounds and put the headphones on.
• Apply some gel to your belly and the ultrasound probe.
• Place the probe on your belly and slowly direct it to the correct location.
• Move the probe back and forth until you receive a good signal.
• Plug a second pair of headphones in and share this indescribable experience with your partner, your family and friends.

Caution: The device should not be used in life supporting or life sustaining application areas.

Caution: The device cannot replace the professional fetal monitor. If the fetal heart rate is abnormal, the fetal heart cannot be found or fetal movement cannot be felt, pregnant women should go to the hospital immediately to seek the doctor’s help.

You can also get our AngelSounds JPD-100S in your local pharmacy in Germany.

Ask for this pharmaceutical central number (PZN): 02686378

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